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Health protection agency (ATS)

Sardinia Health Protection Agency (ATS) provides specifically skilled medical and nursing teams to meet the health needs arising during first aid phases as well as assistance during planned and direct arrivals of migrants. This includes:
• immediate assistance in cases of health emergencies of the strict sense

• primary consultations to detect any pathologies requiring timely actions in health facilities and/or public health interventions to protect the health of migrants, operators, and the general public.

Sardinian ATS carries out secondary consultations on migrants in reception centres in accordance with Directorate-General for Health Circular No. 7621 of 24 March 2015 concerning the “Guidelines for local health agencies regarding procedures for integrating migrants in the community and applying the syndromic surveillance protocol.”

According to the above Circular, Sardinian ATS activates the procedures to check the health status of migrants while implementing all actions needed to safeguard public health.

Contact person:
Dr. Silvana Tilocca
Sardinian ATS
Cagliari Local Health Agency
Department of Prevention
“Cittadella della Salute” – Padiglione D
Via Romagna 16, Cagliari
tel. +39 070 47443918 - 3921

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