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Regional Projects (Regional Law No. 46/90)

Since 1995, Regional Law No. 46/1990 - “Rules for the protection and promotion of the living conditions of non-EU workers in Sardinia” has started a pathway of actions to meet different needs and demands, focusing on the weaker segments of the foreign population.

The objectives to be achieved are focused on targeted actions of support, social and school integration, education, and cultural exchange between cultures of different origins. With respect to the scope outlined, the Regional Government is inspired by the principles of fair treatment and the achievement of adequate living conditions for immigrants.

Generally, the following can apply to the Calls:
a) Immigrant associations and immigration assistance associations, as single entities
b) Voluntary associations, cooperatives, cultural associations, non-governmental organisations, and non-profit organisations.
The project activities to be implemented should include one of the following types of actions:
- social and work inclusion of immigrants
- connecting actions with immigrants’ countries of origin, actions of social inclusion through artistic and sporting expression pathways
- information initiatives on immigration-related issues and useful information for the world of migration
- technologically innovative projects
- projects promoting full access to childcare services, particularly focusing on linguistic and cultural diversity
- projects aimed at facilitating access to social and health services
- projects aimed at fostering the reception and inclusion of foreign students and their families, also by creating opportunities for teachers, families, and operators to meet each others.

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See Determination No. 5181/437 of 7 February 2019 (in Italian)