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Vulnerable Individuals

Article 17 of Legislative Decree No 142/2015 states that the health service must contribute, within the terms of its own remit, to implementing special reception services for “vulnerable” people with special needs, hosted at reception centres, as defined in Article 17(1): “children, unaccompanied children, disabled people, elderly people, pregnant women, single parents with underage children, victims of human trafficking, people suffering from serious illness or mental disorders, people who have been established to have undergone torture, rape or other serious forms of psychological, physical or sexual violence and victims of genital mutilation”.

These services, usually provided by reception centres with the cooperation of locally competent ATS facilities, must ensure initial assessment and verification of the existence of “vulnerability” in addition to special assistance measures and appropriate psychological support.

Consult the legislation:

Decreto Legislativo 25 luglio 1998, n. 286 - "Testo unico delle disposizioni concernenti la disciplina dell'immigrazione e norme sulla condizione dello straniero

DPCM 16 maggio 2016 - Pari opportunità [file.pdf]

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