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Region meets schools
The Region of Sardinia organises a series of informational and reflection meetings, dedicated to secondary school students, to explore the theme of migration flows.

The aim is to fight prejudices and clichés which end up fuelling tensions and misunderstandings and to enhance the reception as an opportunity and not as an obstacle to the development of people and communities.

Contest “Graziano Deiana”
Starting in 2018, the Region of Sardinia has encouraged secondary school students to submit experimental projects on the theme of territorial development, as well as diversity and intercultural dialogue, focusing in particular on rural areas.

In the management of migration flows which also affect Sardinia, particular confidence is placed in the value of the younger generations to generate new forms of communication, new relational patterns, new perspectives, new human, moral, and intellectual wealth.

Young people can feel as main players in their own historical context: without alarmism and reticence, they can develop their own personal vocation to critical reasoning, to action, to dialogue, to confrontation. School is therefore a place where young people’s anxieties, uncertainties, curiosity, and desire for knowledge can be identified and addressed, while they gaze around to try and understand the reality of which they are an integral part. School can be local and global, offering the tools to read the complexity of contemporary reality as well as educational opportunities to experience the value of diversity, seeking the universality of what is good to achieve it in everyday life, knowing how to evolve rapidly as its own students and the reality around them.

The initiative was launched in 2018 and repeated in 2019 and 2020. It aims at creating and enhancing opportunities of meeting to foster socialization and integration among migrants, students, families, and citizens.

The successful project proposals are aimed at achieving the following objectives:
a) Raising awareness, training, and educating on human rights, minority and migration issues in order to promote a greater understanding of contemporary history, of the current international context, and of the relationships between poverty, development, climate change, and migratory waves
b) Combating racist, classist and discriminatory language and attitudes which reinforce stereotypes and prejudices against foreigners, promoting empathy and shared reflection on exclusion
c) Fostering an attitude overcoming any unilateral division of problems and bringing people closer to the insight of common values despite cultural and religious differences
d) Promoting migrants’ awareness of the territorial context, of its history and traditions, of the rules governing common living in order to foster the sense of belonging and community
e) Favouring encounter, social cohesion, socialization, and cooperation between students, migrants, and citizens.

Combating trafficking in human beings. Regional contest: “Sai di che si TRATTA?”
The Region of Sardinia implements multi-level concerted actions and policies to combat the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings. Trafficking and exploitation of human beings is a serious violation of human rights carried out through actions such as recruitment, transfer of a person from one place to another on the planet using threat, force, coercion, kidnapping, deception, abuse of power.

More than 21 million people worldwide are estimated to be victims of trafficking and serious exploitation. Trafficking involves people of different nationalities, subjected to different types of exploitation – sexual, labour, begging, illegal economies – sometimes overt and easily detected, sometimes unexpressed and disguised precisely in order not to be identified and opposed.

Italy is one of the European countries most affected by the trafficking phenomenon, and therefore the Region of Sardinia intends to contribute to activating all useful means to fight criminal organisations and ensure adequate protection to trafficked people, based on an approach oriented towards the centrality of the individual and the protection of the victims’ human rights.

The Regional Plan for the reception of migration flows 2019 (Regional Executive Resolution no. 1/4 of 8 January 2019) sets out the activities to be carried out by the Region of Sardinia during 2019 (Line 7. Fight against trafficking in human beings).

Among the initiatives proposed is a contest of ideas aimed at secondary schools, either public or private. The objective is to create a graphic project to raise awareness, train, and inform Sardinian young people about the phenomenon of trafficking and serious exploitation.

The graphic project produced will be used in the awareness campaigns implemented by the Region of Sardinia.

Determination No. 168/21 of 4 June 2019 – Assessment outcome and eligible recipient of the grant (in Italian)

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