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Linguistic and Cultural Mediation

Mediators are central figures for the reception and social integration of refugees. They should not be considered exclusively as interpreters, nevertheless an essential function for newcomers, but as professionals who can facilitate the construction of positive relations between beneficiaries, operators, institutions, services, and more generally with the local context.

The cultural mediator is a bridge between different cultures providing guidance and accompaniment to immigrants.

The Sardinian Agency for Active Labour Policies (ASPAL), in liaison with the competent services of the Directorate-General of Labour, the managing authority of the ESF OP, manages an innovative project in the field of cultural mediation services.

The general aim of the project is to promote the social integration and employment, if possible, of foreign people and especially non-EU citizens, ensuring homogeneous and quality intercultural mediation services throughout Sardinia.

The specific objectives of the project are:
• ensuring the continuity and uniformity of cultural mediation services throughout Sardinia
• standardising and enhancing the cultural mediators’ professional skills by supporting their training, growth, and professional stabilisation
• encouraging the widespread dissemination of services to public institutions, companies, and private entities.

To this end, a List of Intercultural Mediators (LMI) has been created and published on the Region of Sardinia website, currently numbering 237 members (of which 11 are registered under reserve). As there is no professional register of intercultural mediators in Sardinia, the creation of the LMI aims to identify the available human resources with language skills, specific training, and professional experience in mediation in different fields (social, school, health, work, judicial, linguistic mediation). The list is a reference point for all entities needing intercultural mediators.

Following the signing of the memorandum of understanding with Cagliari Police Headquarters, cultural mediators are also called upon to provide their services during landings. Qualified figures are involved in the organisational structure carrying out primary assistance activities. Considering the positive experience, the protocol is expected to be extended to all Sardinian police headquarters, but above all it may also be used during direct landings and in the days immediately following arrivals.

See documents:
Territorial Points of Intercultural Mediation - STEMI [PDF file in Italian]
Public call for the creation of a list of intercultural mediators for mediation services in the social, school, health, and work fields, and in police headquarters and courts of law (in Italian)

See the regulations:
Regional Law No. 46 of 24 December 1990 - Rules for the promotion of the living conditions of non-EU workers in Sardinia (in Italian)
Legislative Decree No. 286 of 25 July 1998 - Consolidated text of the provisions concerning immigration regulations and rules on the status of foreigners (in Italian)
Regional Law no. 9 of 17 May 2016 - Regulations for employment services and policies (in Italian)