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Service Sector

An interaction has been started with third-sector entities (voluntary associations, non-governmental organisations, and non-profit associations) as well as cooperatives and their trade associations promoting effective integration to meet the migrants’ needs.

San Vincenzo De' Paoli Sisters of Charity congregation

The Company of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul was established in 1633 by Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac. They have followed their vocation all over the world, globally engaged in helping the poorest people according to the principles and rules of their order.


The Cagliari branch of Caritas provides support for landings in the port of Cagliari and for landing sites on the coasts of southern Sardinia in the form of staff and vehicles.

Save the Children

Save the Children Italy was established at the end of 1998 as a non-profit organisation, and it started its activities in 1999. Nowadays it is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It carries out activities and projects aimed at children both in developing countries and in Italy.


Unicef promotes actions aimed at protecting the health of minors, the education and integration of unaccompanied foreign minors and at improving the Italian reception system with interventions at reception facilities and in schools as well as intercultural, workshop and sports activities.

Sardegna solidale

Sardegna Solidale plays a part in the various reception and integration phases for migrants seeking asylum, particularly phases involving integration of families and children.

Red Cross

The Italian Red Cross ensures reception and upholds the right to health for every human being. The Italian red Cross has always actively participated in the assistance and reception of all migrants who have reached Sardinian coasts.