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Regional Offices

Department of Labour, Vocational Training, Cooperation and Social Security

The Department of Labour, Vocational Training, Cooperation and Social Security promotes programs aimed at overcoming the conditions of disadvantage and at the consequential social and work integration of migrants, with attention to those who are vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion, including asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international protection.

Department of Hygiene and Health and Social Welfare

The Directorate-General for Social Policies works together to implement special care services for “vulnerable” people with special needs so as to ensure special care measures together with adequate psychological support.

Health protection agency (ATS)

Sardinia Health Protection Agency (ATS), supported by Cagliari Local Health Agency, provides specifically skilled medical and nursing teams to meet the health needs arising during first aid phases and to guarantee assistance during unplanned arrivals of migrants.

Directorate-General for Civil Protection

The Sardinian Directorate-General for Civil Protection provides human and logistical support for landings at the port of Cagliari developed by the Prefecture of Cagliari.

Sardinian Agency for Active Labour Policies (Aspal)

Aspal manages a project called “Innovative experimentation aimed at systematizing cultural mediation services” which fosters social integration and, where possible, employment of foreign people and, in particular, non-EU citizens, by providing homogeneous and qualitative intercultural mediation services throughout Sardinia.