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Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)

The Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) 2014-2020 is a financial instrument established by EU Regulation No. 516/2014 with the aim of promoting an integrated management of migration flows by supporting all its aspects: asylum, integration, and return.

The Fund provides support to States to pursue the following objectives:
• Strengthen and develop all aspects of the Common European Asylum System, including its external dimension
• Support legal migration to the Member States in accordance with their economic and social needs, such as labour market needs, while safeguarding the integrity of the immigration systems of Member States, and to promote the effective integration of third-country nationals
• Enhance fair and effective return strategies in the Member States which contribute to combating illegal immigration, with an emphasis on sustainability of return and effective readmission in the countries of origin and transit
• Enhance solidarity and responsibility-sharing between the Member States, in particular towards those most affected by migration and asylum flows, including through practical cooperation.
The AMIF National Programme (NP) is the planning document which Italy has drawn up to define the strategic and operational objectives as well as the interventions to be carried out with the available budget. The intervention strategy for the implementation of the AMIF National Programme is:
• Multi-sectoral: capable of integrating policies, services and initiatives referring to different, but complementary areas
• Multi-level: involving all relevant institutional actors
• Multi-stakeholder: involving all stakeholders in a participative approach
• Attentive to the complementarity between Funds: ensuring greater synergy in the resources management and strengthened complementarity of the EU funded interventions and those funded by the national government and by the local authorities.

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